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Used for:
packaging: bags, leaflets,
bookbinding,  rucksacks, travelling bags, bras, furniture
full range
Available width:
from 50 to 180 cm
Beam length:
10 - 50 m


Composites – flat textile products (fabrics or knitted fabrics )joined with paper by sticking together. In the group there is a product made of viscose ecru fabric and paper, especially intended for painting. Composites are also used in typography and decorative packaging industry. In most cases they are made as per order.

Laminates – multilayer textile products. The multilayer feature has been achieved by using thermoplastic adhesives. They are adhesives in the shape of foil, unwoven fabric, net or powder adhesives, spread by powdering method. Laminates may be maximum 180 cm wide (usable width of joined materials is 5 cm smaller) and 15 cm thick. They are made as per order. Our offer should be interesting for shirt-making industry, typography industry, furniture industry and car industry.

We also render services of laminating by the method of dressing using thermoplastic adhesives, in the shape of unwoven fabric, foil, powder or net.