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We take care of your health.

We are one of 6000 companies in the world, who implemented and applies certificate Oeko – Tex Standard 100. We guarantee our customers that the products they buy from Camela are free from harmful substances in concentration having negative influence upon human health.

Our products are optimized as far as human ecology is concerned, tested and certified by textile institutes recognized in the world. They promote comfort.

Our engagement in the certification system determines safety standards for the customers in the chain of textile industry.

Quality Control

The Quality Control Department is organized in the following way :



Laboratory of yarn measurements 


Laboratory of clothing inserts testing

The modern laboratories, equipped with the world best quality appliances, are very helpful in ensuring high quality of our products. Quality measurements, inter-operation controls and very detailed testing of the finished product guarantee that the articles delivered to our customers follow the highest quality standards.

Quality Policy

Satisfaction of our customers is a measure to evaluate our products and necessary condition to develop and maintain strong position on the market.

We attain the goal in the following ways :

  • following the agreed requirements of our customers,
  • fulfilling orders on time
  • selection of reliable suppliers and good co-operation with them when following all the agreed requirements of our customers, 
  • systematic modernising of the machines, 
  • involving and encouraging all the employees to improve the quality of the products manufactured, 
  • convincing employees that each of them is responsible for the quality, image and good name of the company at his work place, every time he contacts a customer, 
  • utility research, 
  • increasing of sales and cost reduction at the same time, 
  • successive improving occupational qualifications of our personnel,

Through applying and continuous improving of the implemented Quality Management System, pursuant to the requirements of the norm PN-EN ISO 9001-2009, we want to confirm the credibility of the actions we take up and the results that we achieve.