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Woven Clothing Inserts

Used for:
overcoats, jackets, uniforms
Used with the following types of fabrics:
woollen ( gabardine, tweed, petersham), wool-like, union fabrics
natural, grey
Raw material composition:
cotton, viscose
Available width:
90 cm, 150 cm
Beam length:
150 running metres
from 80 to 114 g/m²
Type of adhesive:
Pitch of adhesive spread:
13 mesh (26 CP), 17 mesh (46 CP)
Cleaning instruction:

Characteristics: It is a group of products intended for heavy clothing: coats, jackets, uniforms. We produce them in two versions:

  • inserts with big, sparsely spaced adhesive points, recommended for thick wools (gabardine, tweed) of irregular surface quality or hairy surface, 
  • inserts with small, close spaced adhesive points, recommended for thick wools of smooth surface,