Uniformed services

Clothing Laminates with vapour permeable membrane

Laminates with vapour permeable membrane for clothing

Our offer for uniformed services

  • TWO AND THREE LAYER LAMINATES – recommended for the Army, Police, Custom Services, Fire Departments, Transportation Departments and other uniformed services
  • POLYESTER – laminates for clothing are made of woven and knitted polyester fabrics, depending on requirements
  • DURABILITY AND RESISTANCE – laminates have different durability or discolour resistance (on light, sweat, water etc.), resistance to dirt, oil or wetting
  • KNOWN BRANDS – we offer products of well-known European and world brands
  • SERVICE - on request we combine materials provided by the Client.


In our internal laboratory we carry out all necessary tests in order to get products with the highest quality. We provide tests for:
  • Waterproof
  • Vapour permeability
  • Colour
  • fastness to abrasion
  • spray test
  • tensile strength
  • tear strength
  • resistance to water and dry cleaning
  • water shrinkage
  • heat shrinkage


We cooperate with the following institutes In case of tests and certificates:

  • Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX
  • Military Research and Implementation department for Uniformed Services
  • Textile Research Institute
  • Central Institute for Labour Protection + national research institute

We produce samples of laminates In order to  fulfil the requirements of new, official documentation.

Used for:

jackets, trousers, sweatshirts, gym suits, warmers, gloves 


black, navy blue, green – according to tender documentation requirements, or the colour on client’s request.

Raw material composition

Woven and knitted fabrics PES, PES, PU and PTFe membranes

Available width

140, 145, 150 cm depends on laminate


140 - 330 g/m² , other on request

Type of lamination process:

hot melt


Dry cleaning and water cleaning max up to 40°C


Our products offered for uniformed services are recommended for official tenders. All required conditions are fulfilled.