Foam laminated for bras – is the composition of 3 the best quality ingredients. Components are combined with PU foam create harmonious and unique set.

Laminated foams for bras (lingerie)

  • With cotton and marquisette
  • Two-sided with marquisette
  • Two-sided with cotton

Our products may be produced according to our Client’s special order (tailored configuration).

Used for

Women’s lingerie – bras/cup elements


white, ecru, black, other on request

Raw material composition:

cotton, polyester (marquisette), foam PU

Type of PU foam:

white ( plus anti-yellowing foam “BULFAST” ), grey

Thickness of PU foam:

1,5; 2,5; 2,8; 3,0 mm

Available width

150 cm

Type of lamination process:

Flame, adhesive

Type of adhesive:



Features of Camela’s laminated foams for bra

  • The use of anti-yellowing foam, guarantees that the product is totally protect against yellowing 
  • We can produce foams in a wide range of colours according to Client’s request
  • We use foams with different thickness
  • We use knitted “working” and “stable” fabrics according to Client’s request