Raising is the process of mechanic pilling of material. It gives a soft grip and an effect of the furriness. We raise fabrics and knits (to 200cm) with different weight, both sides, depends of our Customers’ demands.


fabrics, knits


polyester, viscose, cotton

Bleaching and Dyeing

Bleaching is a process of the chemical decomposition by removing the natural contamination of the fiber.  That gives an effect of discoloration. We whiten cotton fabrics and knits (50-400 g/mb). Products should have a compact and stable structure.

Dyeing is a process in which a pigment infiltrate the fiber.  Types of the fiber and pigment are very important in this process.


Fabrics and knits

Dyeing in width

Beam dyeing machines, Jiggers

Dyeing in strip

Strip dyeing machine


Natural fibers - cotton, artificial - viscose, synthetic – polyester and polyamide


Wide range of colours - on order


Dressing / Finishing / Final treatment

This is the process of giving some specific properties to the final product.


fabrics, knits


polyester, polyamide, viscose, cotton, with animal hair  and their blends

Finishing preparations

softening, waterproof, antistatic, stiffening, flame retardant , for digital printing, whitening, improving of sewing through, relaxing


Application of the Thermoplastic adhesives

This is a process of coverage some surface with a specific thermoplastic adhesive according to the scheme.


fabrics, knits, nonwovens


polyester, polyamide, viscose, cotton, with animals hair  and their blends


polyester, polyamide, low melting polyamide, polyethylene, polyurethane, Ethylvinyl acetate (EVA)

Methods of the application

with powder, with paste, double spot (super spot included);  scatter

Graduations of the application

19, 26, 46, 66, 72, 110, 124 CP



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