Uniformed services

Footwear Laminates with vapour permeable membrane

Laminates for shoes with vapour permeable membrane

Our offer for uniformed services

LABORATORY TESTS – we offer laminates for shoes with water resistant and vapour permeable features. All the tests are confirmed by accredited laboratories

MILITARY AND POLICE DOCUMENTATION – our laminates for shoes fulfil the requirements of applicable documentation of military and police footwear model.

WEATHER CONDITIONS – all our products are recommended for footwear that has frequent contact with water, mud, snow and low temperature.

CUSTOMIZED COMPOSITION – we customize the composition of laminates by using available knitted fabrics and membranes.

SERVICE - on request we combine materials provided by the Client.

TESTS – we produce samples of laminates In order to  fulfil the requirements of new, official documentation.

Used for:

footwear for uniformed services, sport and leisure footwear, military etc.


comfort, water resistance and vapour permeability

Raw material composition

polyester, polyamide, membrane  PTFE and PU, foam PU

Available width

Depends on the laminate – 130,145, 150 cm or on request

Type of lamination process:

hot melt


We cooperate with the following institutes In case of tests and certificates:

  • Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX
  • Military Research and Implementation department for Uniformed Services
  • Textile Research Institute
  • Central Institute for Labour Protection + national research institute


Our products offered for uniformed services are recommended for official tenders. All required conditions are fulfilled.