Knitted interlinings for the clothing industry


Knitted interlinings is the group of products dedicated for the clothing industry. These products are recommended for reinforcing large surfaces of clothing made of medium weight fabrics (e.g. jackets, coats, overcoats etc.) but also for clothing made of lighter fabrics (e.g. woman blouses, suits, jackets etc.)

Our knitted interlinings allow the clothes to have:

  • More soft or stiffened feel
  • Good stabilization
  • Good shaping
  • Good effect of filling thanks to proper scratch of interlining
  • good stabilization of the clothing shape, without stiffened, with a nice and warm feel

We offer knitted interlinings:

  • Coated with polyamide adhesive by “single dot method of application
  • Coated with polyamide adhesive by “double dot” method of application 


Used for Men’s jackets, coats, overcoats, woman’s blouses, suits and jackets
Used with the following outer fabrics wool, wool like, blended fabrics, polyester
Colour Natural, black
Raw material composition Poliester, viscose
Available width 90 cm, 150 cm
Weight 55 - 100 g/m²
Adhesive type Polyamide
Coating 17 mesh (46 CP)
Maintenance Dry cleaning

If you are interested in our offer, please  do not hesitate and contact with our specialists.