Raw material composition

Polyester woven and knitted fabric, knitted fabric with water repellent finishing, knitted fabric type polar fleece, polyester/polyamide/teflon membrane


75 - 330 g/m2

Available width

145-155 cm


Dry cleaning and water cleaning max up to 30°C


Our offer


Type of laminated fabric


double and three layer laminated fabrics

  • consists of synthetic knitted fabric, which is the outer layer, vapour permeable membrane and knitted fabric type polar fleece
  • has a special water repellent finishing on synthetic fabric. This finishing method allows not to wet the outer layer, which significantly increases breathability of the laminated fabric
  • this type of laminated fabric is recommended for sportswear and outdoor wear

wind stopper


  • consists of two knitted fabrics type polar fleece and , vapour permeable membrane
  • recommended for sportswear, leisurewear and trail wear


laminated fabrics made of elastic knitted fabrics combined with membrane

  • used as high quality linings
  • thanks to this laminated fabrics, final products are good to the touch, have high elasticity and softness
  • laminates often used for construction of three layer laminated fabrics Z-liner
  • used for inner, loose and not bonded layer of three layer laminated fabric 

laminated fabrics made of two ingredients – synthetic knitted fabric/cotton and polar fleece

  • Recommended for dry weather


Camela’s laminated fabrics are recommended also for:

  • Sportswear and leisurewear
  • Military and public uniforms clothes
  • Lingerie
  • Upholstered elements
  • Covers elements
  • car upholstery etc.
  • Footwear for uniformed services, children’s and sport
  • Textile footwear
  • Furniture elements
  • Medical sheets for mattresses
  • Medical elements e.g. orthosis
  • And many others….