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Quality Policy

Quality control

Our modern laboratories, equipped with the world best quality appliances, allow to ensure high quality of our products. Quality measurement of raw materials, internal controls and very detailed tests of the final product, guarantee that our products delivered to the customer are always with the highest quality standards. TUTAJ.

Quality control

Our goal is to satisfy our Customers. This satisfaction is a measurement to evaluate our products and necessary condition to develop and maintain position on the market.

We achieve this goal by

Selection of reliable suppliers and positive cooperation in order to meet agreed Customers requirements
Fulfilling orders on time Following agreed Customers requirements
Customer satisfaction survey Increasing of sales and cost reduction at the same time
Successive improvement of the qualifications of our personnel Involving and encouraging all the employees to improve the quality of manufactured products
Systematic and modern investments in machines Convincing employees that each of them is responsible for the quality, image and good name of the company at his work place as well as every time he contacts a customer