We have two modern warping machines by Karl Mayer. Modern camera systems control  a number of threads and spurts. The warping machines are equipped with the laser sensor to detect any imperfections of the yarn.

During the warping, we can put any preparation on the threads, for example oil or antistatic preparation. We offer warping with usage of our own materials or provided by the Customer.


Production of knitwear


Silk and plain, textured PES & PA

The thickness of the warp

11 – 500 dtex

Numbers of warping points

max 1200

Shafts parameters

Width 21” – 50”, diameter 21" - 32"

Diameter of the roll

max 37 cm


Warping and Gluing of Weaving Warps


We have the warping machine which allows us to warp 8000 threads in one warp.  Warps hot bonding is possible thanks to our gluing machine.  We have also bonding machine which can bond materials without any glue.

We warp and bond:

  • Cotton warps (10 – 100 tex)
  • Linen warps (36 – 200 tex)
  • Viscose warps (20 – 40 tex)
  • Twisted cotton yarn (to 120 tex)




Production of textiles

Raw material composition

cotton, linen, viscose

Warp thickness

10 – 200 tex – depends on material

Number of the warping points

max 700

Shafts parameters

width 230 cm, diameter 100 cm

Roll diameter

max 25 cm


If you are interested in our offer, please  do not hesitate and contact with our specialists.