Shirts interlinings

Shirts interlinings are the group of products dedicated for shirts and blouses. We offer interlinings for collars, pocket flaps, plackets and cuffs.
Our products are produced with the best quality materials.

Wkłady do koszul (IW 00063) 


We offer interlinings:

  • With different types of finishing – stiffened, soft, extra soft, raised and dyed
  • With very low thermal shrinkage (~0,5%)
  • With thermoplastic polyethylene adhesive, which is relatively hard to bond (require high pressure),although it guarantees durable bonding, resistant for  multiple water cleaning in high temperatures.


Used for collars, pocket flaps, plackets and cuffs in shirts and blouses
Used with the following outer fabrics cotton, viscose, polyester/cotton
Colour Optical white, dark grey, black, ecru
Raw material composition cotton
Available width 90 cm
Weight 62 - 250 g/m²
Adhesive type polyethylene
Coating 28 mesh (124 CP)
Maintenance Dry cleaning and water cleaning up to 95°C (dyed interlinings up to 60°C)

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