Tailor’s fabric “Camela”

Our offer for uniformed services

  • Camela type tailor’s fabrics is the group of interlinings which are recommended for stiffen the clothing products. Those interlinings are used in coats, jackets, suits and overcoats. .
  • The group of products – clothing interlinings – which are recommended for stiffen and forming the front of uniform or coat.
  • Interlinings are placed In the shoulder area, by stitching or attaching.
  • Thanks to special construction and contents, tailor’s fabrics have an excellent elastic and recovery features
  • we offer soft and stiffen version of tailor’s fabric “Camela”

Used for:

uniforms, coats

Used with the following outer fabrics

wool (gabardine, cloth), wool-like and blended fabrics


natural, white

Raw material composition

cotton, polyester, viscose, goat hair

Available width

90 cm


190 - 270 g/m²

Adhesive type



13 mesh (26 CP)


Dry cleaning


Our products offered for uniformed services are recommended for official tenders. All required conditions are fulfilled.